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Document Management
Document Management Document Management Document Management

Document Management

Document Management - NEW Records

Convert your INTERNAL and EXTERNAL paper documents to digital images.

Immediately converting paper documents to digital images results in information that is easy to access and use.

Destroying the documents after scanning eliminates the need to search through file cabinets and storage units.

Paper Use in the Office:

  • Change:

    40% still use paper for filing “important stuff.” Paper appears to remain as the comfort zone for filing.

  • Paper Processes:

    16% of organizations are looking at every process for paper elimination; up from 9% in 2014. Paper clogged processes are decreasing.

  • Education:

    39% feel there is a general lack of understanding of paper-free options. Organizations need to learn Paper-free options.

  • People:

    40% of organizations report that more than half of their invoices are now delivered electronically - but 35% agree that most get printed anyway.

* Survey findings are from recent AIIM Industry Watch reports,

The volume of documents and unstructured data is growing by more than 30% a year. 49% of basic business processes rely on paper documents and/or unstructured digital data. 51% of business data is stored as paper documents and/or unstructured digital data. * Source: Aberdeen Group, January 2012

Document Management safeguards a business against the loss of its records and its ability to continue operations after a major loss.

CALL ARCHIVE-CD TODAY about your document management needs.

ARCHIVE-CD's scanning service bureau converts your documents to digital images:

  • Freeing up space for more productive uses,
  • Eliminating monthly storage fees, and
  • Making records easily accessible.

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