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scanning service bureau

Scanning Service Bureau

Converting your records to digital images is a matter of choice. Consider these points:

  • Am I willing to put up with paying for time lost in looking for old or misplaced files?
  • Would I rather continue to pay more in hidden labor costs dealing with old records or invest in a program to digitally archive my records? (Use this spreadsheet to calculate your savings by converting your records to digital images).
  • Will my current storage practices satisfy state and federal regulations regarding privacy?

Once the decision is made to convert your documents your choices are:

Do it yourself.
This involves buying the hardware (scanners and computers) and software, training, and devoting employees to do the scanning and archiving.

Have someone do it for you.
Your records can be scanned OFF-SITE (at the selected company's scanning service bureau or ON-SITE (at your location.) Call ARCHIVE-CD to see how you can improve your productivity with a digital solution.