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Paperless Archiving Solutions

Paperless Archiving (OLD Records) is the backfile conversion of old documents to digital images. You know, those documents that are stored in endless file cabinets and stacked in storage rooms. Documents that are required by law to be kept but seldom ever used.

ARCHIVE-CD provides a step-by-step overview of how our system converts a paper document into a searchable electronic PDF document. The process can be broken down into four easy steps:

  1. Scanning the document through a high-speed scanner;
  2. Labeling the document to retrieve it through the system;
  3. Converting the document to the PDF format and saving it to the server or hard drive;
  4. Creating an Index (database) so that the end-users (your company’s personnel) can retrieve the document from the system.

Because these steps are so simple to execute using our system, an entry-level employee with minimal computer training usually performs them.

Most people are able to operate the system after one to two hours of training.

Our system is flexible enough to be used at either the department or enterprise level.

At the enterprise level, one person at one location performs all four steps.

At the department level, the scanning is done at one location and the remaining three steps are performed by someone within the department from their networked PC.

Because different people can execute different steps in the process, our system can be scaled to handle the needs of any business, large or small.

Our system also gives companies an easy migration path to scale and augment the document imaging system as needed.

As additional applications are discovered, our system can quickly be customized to meet your needs. When compared to other systems, the simplicity,scalability, and flexibility of our imaging system is unsurpassed.

Going paperless requires some planning but the costs you’ll save in time, paper, supplies, and the impact on the environment makes it worthwhile.

Some of the benefits include:

  • More efficient. Clicking on a computer file will save you the time you would otherwise spend searching through files while a client is kept waiting.
  • More economical. Eliminate file cabinets and use the space for revenue producing activities. Save money on printers, paper, ink or toner.
  • More accessible information. Rather than take heavy boxes of paper records with you to meetings or court cases, you can pull up the information you need from your computer, share information, and communicate via email or web conferencing.
  • More secure information. Keep confidential material securely locked away in encrypted electronic files that only you can access. Copies can be kept off-site as part of your disaster recovery business continuity plan.

Contact ARCHIVE-CD about making YOUR office paperless.

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